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Pin Oak Stud Farm

Versailles, KY

This project consisted of the design of eight structures for the construction of the new thoroughbred horse operation at Pin Oak Stud. Pearson & Peters was responsible for programming, preliminary design, construction documents, bidding and contract administration for all structures. The mansion and exteriors of the horse barns were designed by an English architect in the English Palladian style. The interiors were designed by PPA for ease of maintenance, cleanliness, ventilation and durability. Ventilation is especially important because horses are prone to bronchial problems in a cold, damp environment. The barns are arranged around the mansion such that each barn has it’s own surrounding paddocks. Landscape design and farm master planning were completed by the Owner’s landscape consultant. The project consisted of the following structures:

TWO YEARLING BARNS: 6,000 SF; sixteen stalls, wash stalls, office, feed and tack


TWO BROODMARE BARNS: 6,800 SF; eighteen stalls, wash stalls, office, feed and tack rooms.

FOALING BARN: 3,500 SF; ten stalls, office, laboratory and conditioned stall.

BREEDING BARN: 3,500 SF; holding stalls, exam stocks, laboratory and observation


STALLION BARN / FARM OFFICE: 6,400 SF, six stalls and administrative farm office, workroom, feed and tack room and a 48’ x 48’ show ring.

MANAGER’S RESIDENCE: 2,000 SF residence to house the farm manager on site in the vicinity of the horse barns.