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Overbrook Farm

Lexington, KY

Pearson & Peters Architects PLC has been responsible for the ongoing construction projects related to the renovation, additions and new facilities for Overbrook Farm and their thoroughbred horse operation. Pearson & Peters was responsible for programming, planning, site design, paddock layouts and construction documents. Founded in 1980, the first barns on the 1,500 acre farm were tobacco barns converted to use in thoroughbred breeding and racing. The farm places particular emphasis on excellence in providing a suitable environment for the care of world-class thoroughbreds. The newer barns maintain the image of traditional Kentucky farm structures with an air of graciousness and simplicity which is typical of the Bluegrass region. The following is a listings of projects performed by Pearson & Peters.

1984 FARM OFFICE: 2,800 SF Administrative farm offices.

1987 BREEDING AND STALLION COMPLEX: Three structures including a four-stall Stallion Barn, Breeding Shed (with offices and laboratory facilities), and a three-stall Receiving Barn (with horse treatment and exam areas). The structures totaled 5,200 SF, with horse loading and truck maneuvering facilities. The Stallion Complex was conceived as a village of structures to allow separation of the temperamental stallions from each other within their barn and from other structures in the complex. The stone veneer of the Receiving Barn echoes the existing stone Manager’s Residence and contributes to the village character. The Breeding Shed has padded walls and floors for protection of the valuable thoroughbreds.

1988 YEARLING BARN: A 22 stall horse barn facility, 7,200 SF in area, with related office, feed and tack spaces. This is a wood frame structure, completely finish with oak tongue and groove panels on walls and ceilings. Yearlings are grouped together for weaning from the mares as they begin their training. Stalls in the Yearling barn are smaller than those in the Stallion Barn.

1990 BROODMARE BARN: A 29 stall horse barn facility, 12,800 SF in area, with related wash stall, offices, feed and tack spaces. The broodmares are grouped together to help staff attend to all the broodmares, especially during foaling season. These stalls are large enough to accommodate both mare and foal although not as large as the Stallion stalls.

1990 FARM OFFICE ADDITION: 1,500 SF addition to the existing office building. The scale, proportions and detailing of the brick Farm Office were based on an original cottage found in another area of the farm. The interior is detailed in a traditional Williamsburg fashion.

1990 COVERED BRIDGE: In addition to it’s charm, the 42 foot long traditional timber frame covered bridge from the Stallion Complex to the stallion paddock areas on the opposite side of the creek serves the useful purpose of preventing skittish horses from seeing the water below. Ventilation louvers top and bottom are also angled to prevent the horses from seeing the water. Located in a flood plane, the lower louvers can be raised in spring floods to allow water to flow over and under the bridge without obstruction.

1994 ADDITION TO STALLION BARN: A 4-stall addition to the 1987 Stallion Barn.